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Corporate golf days

Do you require a golf event that will keep your clients talking for months afterwards and that gives you the chance to consolidate business relationships and discuss new opportunities? We can make it happen. A day of golf hospitality at an great golf venue with everything laid on for you and your guests, is hard to beat and with our experience and expertise there is nobody better to achieve this. Our website shows the names of just some of the major, blue chip organisations that we have worked with to create the perfect golf day. The reason we are so good at what we do is that we specialize in this one particular type of event and have done so for many years. Our expert staff are dedicated to providing the very best service and they are on hand to help you through every step - from budgeting and planning through to organising a permanent record of the day that can be used to promote your business after everyone has packed up and gone home. For companies thinking of creating an event for the first time it is worth having a good look through our website. Corporate golf events involve a lot of preparation and there is much to think about. Fortunately all you need to do is decide where you would like to host the event and what options to include on the day. We will do the rest and can offer our suggestions as well.

Making plans

As mentioned above, much planning goes into hosting a successful event and this is where Clarion Golf excel. We understand that you want to get as much value for the money you are allocating to the budget as possible and our attention to detail ensures that everything goes smoothly on the day. As well as being a pleasurable way of interacting with your valued customers and letting them know how much their business is appreciated it is also a chance to impress them with your organisational abilities and professionalism. When considering the price of the event, the time your company saves by passing on the responsibility for administrating and planning must be taken into account. It's possible to organise the whole thing 'in house' and not use agency services, but this usually involves utilizing employees who would normally do something else. Our knowledge of corporate golf packages, gained from over 38 years of arranging top quality golfing days for a plethora of companies, we are able to tailor each event to our clients’ specific needs. The contacts we have established by putting together packages for many different organisations enable us to offer a flexible, efficient service that is unsurpassed. There are no second chances when holding a special day for valued clients, so it is vital that every detail is perfect. Our team are well placed to ensure that nothing goes wrong and your day is a success.

Where to go

A foremost consideration in planning your day is the venue. This will partly be influenced by the cost of the golf course and its location, but there are other considerations to take into account. Each venue presents different challenges and it is important to match the difficulty of the course to the abilities of the guests you will be inviting. A course that is too demanding will detract from the enjoyment of golfers who are not good enough to play it and the point of the day is for everybody to be as relaxed as possible. In the UK there is a fantastic choice of venues to suit corporate golfing needs. The idea is for all attendees to have a fantastic day out that they can look back on with pleasure rather than frustration so it is worth spending some time over the decision as to where to hold your event. There is a list of places on our site that we feel offer the best facilities for companies looking to stage a golfing function and because we have played on most of them and helped our clients to host successful days at these courses, we are able to advise you of the pros and cons of each one. When making your initial enquiry you can specify a particular location if you already have one in mind or just let us know which area you prefer and we will suggest a venue based on your requirements.

A comprehensive quotation

For Clarion Golf to be able to give you an accurate budget for how much your day will cost it is necessary to supply as much detail as possible to us. Apart from the location and number of guests, the quality of gifts you choose will affect the price. Callaway corporate golf accessories are very popular but some companies will opt for a less expensive choice. Some of our clients already know exactly what they want and for them it is simply a case of letting us know so that we can offer them the best price available from our range. Other clients may have only a rough idea of what they need and in this situation we are delighted to work alongside them to develop the details for the golf day and come up with a plan that they are completely happy with. It is possible to work to a budget and change the number of guests or the venue to ensure that the final price does not exceed what you wish to spend. If you choose a course that is far from your base then overnight accommodation for your staff and guests might need to be considered. Other things that will affect the cost include prizes that you may wish to have for the best round, the level of catering that is chosen, the number of holes you wish to play and whether or not your company will be supplying any free promotional golf clothing, umbrellas or other promotional golf gifts for the guests.

Corporate golf events

Lots of businesses may hold similar functions and so it is of great importance to make sure that your one is exceptional for all the right reasons. We offer a number of enhancements to our regular package to make your day extra special. The newest is the inclusion of specializes PDA scoring on Blackberry devices that update in real time and scores can be seen in the clubhouse and at the half way house. This adds a new dimension to your event and has been very popular. One of the other most popular has proven to be our hole-in-one insurance. For a stipulated premium, you can offer a prize on selected golf holes to anyone who achieves this feat. The prize could be a golfing holiday or even a sports car. In addition to the outstanding prize, signs are supplied to be placed at the nominated holes. To entertain guests you can book a trick shot show by a PGA Professional, which lasts for thirty to forty five minutes and includes audience participation. If you wish to hire the professional for the entire day then as well as the show you can have an instructional clinic for your guests before beginning the round. For those that take their golf seriously we can provide a mobile scoring unit that has a large plasma screen to display the current score of each participant. Something else that can set your day apart from others is the quality of the corporate golf gifts and logo golf balls that you give to your guests. We are able to supply you with a great range of golfing equipment at competitive prices such as logo balls, tees and promotional umbrellas. These can be branded with your corporate logo so that each guest remembers the day. Event branding is also important and we are a leading supplier of the carbon framed Pop-Up Banner, a highly portable and lightweight event banner that can be screen or digitally printed with your company logo or message and used either indoors or outdoors.

The finishing touches

We offer several other services that help to add the finishing touches to your event. Sending out invitations and co-ordinating the replies is something that we undertake, which leaves clients free to get on with their daily activities whilst we take care of keeping a record of attendees. If you require a celebrity guest speaker for after dinner or your round of golf then we are happy to recommend a suitable personality and arrange the booking for you. We also create a custom website so that all your guests know what to expect on the day - this contains an itinerary and directions to the course. The website can also include a registration facility, to be completed online, for companies that would rather use this method of communication to collate the responses to invitations. It is important to remember, especially on the day itself, that the idea of corporate golf days is not just to network with your clients but also to have fun. When people really enjoy themselves they are more open and closer relationships can be established in such an environment. So that guests can relive their great day of hospitality we offer our clients both a company golf day video and photography service. Our cameraman will capture the highlights of your day using the most modern digital equipment. The resulting images can then be edited and uploaded to a website both as a reminder for all those that attended and to display to potential customers that you value the business that all clients bring to you.